What is this ish all about?

So I’m Hess.  This is a blog launched as an experiment in doing an entertainment writing project in public, to explore how that plays out, the social, legal, and creative implications of being out in the open creatively, and to give my friends and family a real, tangible access to the seemingly opaque and arcane world in which I live and create.

I’m writing a feature film script about a “dude”.  The dude is a stoner metal head that goes on a magical trip into a world of multimedia heavy metal fantasy that is a mesh of online gaming, the internet, and falling through the looking glass.  It will be really strange, and it will be very metal.



2 responses to “What is this ish all about?

  1. Sat behind you at the screening of The Boys at Brunner Lake last night at Secret Cinema on a Hollywood hill. I’m the guy who said “very Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

    I meant to catch up to you after the screening and point out several other things I liked about Brunner Lake. I thought the guy turning around and walking backwards with a different mask was uber clever, the feel & lighting of the whole film was fantastic, and I loved that the preppy guy got snatched mid-sentence (and judging by their reaction, so did the audience). Two specific shots stand out as visually unique and rather interesting – the shot in the reflection of the puddle with the guy jumping over it and little pieces of mud making droplets in the puddle and the chase scene where the characters run by camera at different levels on the rock. I also thought the movements of the sickle-wielding character added a great cringe factor to that character.

    Great film. Thanks for making it and for sharing it.


    • Gabriel,

      Thanks a lot for the comments, and taking the time and effort to make thoughtful ones. I’m really glad you enjoyed the movie, and I think I was fortunately to have randomly sat down in front of you. Send me an email sometime, I’d love to have another conversation. Sorry I couldn’t stick behind and say hello.


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