scribblin’, scribing, and describin’.

You thought I had given up by I’m BACK my racial slurs!!!  So, I had some things forestally my ability to blog regularly including terrible illness that put me out for a week, traveling to Savannah for my friend Kevin’s awesome bachelor ceremonies, all of which has flipped me back around to being even MORE METAL than before.  So, expect to get your ass blogged off, indefinitely.

To catch up, here’s the typed up version of the handwritten outline that I threw up two posts ago:


““Frankie Teardrop rides a moped    OUTLINE      it was Mom?            Freewheel burnin’

Flyin’ high on rapture

Frankie’s friends find him, he’s kind of ridorkulous [plant cousin Enoch]

His friends drop him off in a terribly embarrassing situation on street/stoned w/ karaoke girl.

Frankie stagers down the street, escapes into a bizarre, mystical videostore—craggy cd drom dude.

Home, Friends give him a hard time, PAINKILLER demonstration [

Frankie gets stoned in his room, plays EOV, Mom hassles him

Frankie finds Karaoke girl online, and all of a sudden she’s “in a relationship” with aggro dude

[||> End of Act 1, Frank is IN engines of victory.  Holy shit.

EOV is pretty fucking sweet but nobody cares that Frankie is “in the game”.  [[AI girl encounter]]

The EOV universe is being infected with a strange “virus” that is chewing @ all borders. [[darksiders]]

Frankie is discovering some seriously wicked/dangerous villain business, when he is “awakened” by Mom

Frankie runs to Gordon’s on his moped, telling him about his “episode [Time issues]

Frankie heads down to the video store (never open store?) to find it humorously closed.

Frankie heads to Turner’s place, another real gamer, who expresses deep concern.  Karaoke catches them.

Turner helps Frankie re-enact the situation, now EOV is SERIOUSLY ERODING. [dragons, clouds, rings]

Villains ATTACK!!!  Frankie escapes an elaborate, terrifying battle against the “blank tribe”.

And is irl now totally freaking out.  He calls a video chat meeting of his guild, when an evil announcement in video feed from EOV by Queenie of the blank tribe that seriously freaks everyone out.  Meet irl?  Absolutely not.  That’s crazy.

Frankie goes online to find AI girl, has a freaky encounter where he realizes she’s pure AI

They’re captured and brought to the Blank Side camp, where Frankie undergoes torture that is real, until his friends wake him up, Gordon beginning to realize he’s actually right

Another visit to the video-store changes the old dude, gets frustrating answer, marches over to the karaoke bar where he has an awkward/awesome interaction w/ KGirl.

AI girl texts him and F. runs home to save her.  But led into a TRAP! Brought before Blanksiders

Frankie’s Guild is all captured, his real friends scramble to help him, get Karaoke Girl.  Gordon?

|||> Frankie is bound || AI Girl has gone evil/he’s stoned @ home karaoke girl is ashamed of him

Gordon jacks his friends into EOV, where they go to the Dark Siders to look for help.

Everything is about to go to heck, they’re about to Dark Crystal Frankie, when KGirl starts to play a badass metal song, which brings Frankie’s strength back, and his SWORD, which he uses to cleave various villains in twain.  You, you, and YOU.  [Thunderstruck]

Frankie chases Queenie through the Castle to the Dungeon, where they square off, hostage scenario, where Queenie guards the hole the DarkSiders/metal dudes are digging through to their side,

But Frankie mans up and vanquishes AI Girl, which turns out to be a farce anyway, F. realizing just in time (?).

The Dark Siders bust through the ground and Queenie climbs to the top of the castle where she epic duels Frankie (on dragons).

Revealing, that Queenie works for a group of frustrated parents/spouses/teachers to get rid of EOV, and get their relations back.

àdigging is easyß


@What is Frankie’s magical, musical weapon?                           “Forged out of awesome”

–Frankie @ first thnks the AI and Karaoke girl are the same (!)(?)(!)                             Holy Grail

show character creation                                                –does Frankie have a magical steed?—

What if Frankie’s magical AX is named “Angus”?  Is that just too badass?

–Gordon could have actually invented a device, that would “articulate online awesomeness into faux-tangible, physical-in-game objects, the first of which was ‘Angus’ the ax forged out of awesome.

By cutting it directly from the collaborative Rock Video game into EoV, Karaoke Girl and Frankie’s crewcan inject the power of awesome directly back into Frankie’s avatar,

Kilrann F Coldiron


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