ACT 1 Full Outline.

Flyin’ high on rapture

Frankie’s friends find him, he’s kind of ridorkulous [plant cousin Enoch]

His friends drop him off in a terribly embarrassing situation on street/stoned w/ karaoke girl.

Frankie staggers down the street, escapes into a bizarre, mystical videostore—craggy cd drom dude.

Home, Friends give him a hard time, PAINKILLER demonstration [

Frankie gets stoned in his room, plays EOV, Mom hassles him

Frankie finds Karaoke girl online, and all of a sudden she’s “in a relationship” with aggro dude

[||> End of Act 1, Frank is IN engines of victory.  Holy shit.




Scary sounding narration as we open on Frankie using a hand crossbow to play “crossbow hostage sniper” with a bunch of old GI Joes.  (the scene should mirror the end of act 2 hostage scenario with the girl)

Frankie’s FRIENDS roll up to the industrial park in their VAN, and pick him up to go play METAL MANIA (A “Rock Band” style collaborative music video game).   Turns out, however, that they need to swing by TODD’S cousin ENOCH’S house to get more weed.

TODD and STAMM go into the trailer to get the weed while FRANKIE waits with GORDON in the van, bantering about Engines of Victory, as Gordon reads board posts about weird business going on within the game universe.  ROCKET, a straggler weirdo friend of ENOCH’S, wakes from his slumber in the yard, and scares the heck out of them before Todd and Stamm return with the weed, and they start driving back home.

On the return drive, with Gordon as DD, they spot KATHRYN, the Karaoke Girl that Frankie has a super big, super secret crush on, loading stuff into the PUB where she works with agro bouncer DAX.  Frankie, now stoned, gets shoved out of the van by Todd and Stamm, who want to force him into a social situation, but it goes miserably.  Frankie is awkward and way too stoney, fails to properly introduces himself, and is paranoid and crushed.

He escapes by literally running away, and ducks into an ARCANE OLD VIDEO STORE, specializing in outmoded media and technologies.  Therein, the CRAGGY OLD VIDEOSTORE OWNER cantankerously tries to evade Frankie’s curiosity about the “expansion” for Engines of Victory that he’s playing, but Frankie ganks a copy of from the store on his way out.

Frankie gets back home, where his friends are already partying, and give him a hard time about messing up with the Karaoke Girl.  They badger him into playing METAL MANIA with them, and performing the singing part to Judas Priests’ PAINKILLER, because he’s the only one that can sing.   It’s an epic metal first act set piece, all music video style.

After the song, Gordon points out that Kathryn’s Facebook status has changed to “In A Relationship” on Facebook, which sends Frankie to his room with some of the Enoch weed, his Mom yelling after him to get a job.   Checking his email, he all sorts of notifications from his Engines of Victory friends about crazy shit going on in the online world.

Frustrated and stoned, he remembers the “expansion” disc in his pocket, and tries to install it.  It gives him a fit, appearing to install an ancient ms-dos style 8-bit game, when all of a sudden Frankie’s word starts spinning and he wakes up AS HIS AVATAR—KILRANN COLDIRON, a rogue warrior of great power and renown in the game.  But now it’s REAL, like really really real.  He’s wandering around in a totally real medieval world with soldiers and peasants and castles and horses and swords.

End with a shot of Frankie discovering the blight that’s destroying Engines of Victory.  It’s a hot, black, disgusting digital plague, that’s devouring the edges of the online world.


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