Marginalia–handwritten notes

this is how my handwriting looked that day. this is my notebook.

So, to read this better, click on the image and it should throw it up as a larger/solo pic.

Ok, so this is my first time doing this.  PDF and Tiff both gave me hassles, but this jpg seems to have been friendly with WordPress.  This is my aforementioned outline page.

My handwriting frequently looks like this.

The pieces in [brackets] off to the right were thoughts I had later on about beats/ingredients to stick into that line/scene.

Each line represents a sequence, or collection of scenes that go together, until the end where I just started writing shit out.

I started with the two lines, the first at the end of ACT 1, with this like block arrow symbol, then the end of act two with the little triangle thing.  I put these in first, as a best guess for how long the outline will be, then write in the other scenes around them.

The section at the bottom became where I tossed all my thoughts that i didn’t have an immediately have an answer for, or things I wanted to remember/prioritize.

I don’t imagine all of this will make sense to someone that doesn’t live in my freaky 98mph brain.


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  1. Dennis

    way to clusterfuck a brother. As if i needed more proof.

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