My Last Attack

Ok, so this blog is theoretically going to be brief, and kind of a potpourri of what’s going on with my thinking on the script.

So the past few hours I did the very real act of writing.  Sat down in the cafe, with a pen and my trusty grid notebook, and plotted out the first two acts of the movie, listening to PAINKILLER over and over again, which was the only song that would really do the trick.

I want to put that outline online, but I want to scan and throw up my actual handwritten notes, because this is my best example so far on this script of good, solid, handwritten scribbling, and I think dissecting it a little bit would be illustrative to anyone who actually gives a flip.

So instead I want throw out some thoughts/ideas I’ve had and other matters that haven’t gotten in quite yet.

1) I’m debating whether Frankie should have some kind of magical steed, a la Falcor or Shadowfax.  I’m thinking maybe a take on the “nightmare” which is a punful demonic horse that breathes fire.  This thing could be humorously paralleled by his scooter/moped irl.

2) I had a dream a couple weeks ago, and about all I remembered was at the end this crazy like tattooed, pagan vampire chick dressed like the people in that re-dux version of King Arthur was getting dragged by some cars, and screaming about how useless and unappreciative human beings are for their lives.  Her rant and her demeanor has put her into my script.  Currently I’m calling her “Queenie”, but I’m not married to that yet.  I’m not sure why the really compelling characters in my dreams are always female.  There are no wise old folks in my dreams.  Implications abound.

3)  While I was writing the second/third act I thought of this great way to get the cavalry-like-guys into the big castle where everything is going down, while making it so Frankie’s IRL friends can assist online, which is that, as previously established, the EoV world is flat like a coin.  Well, since at this point, the Baddies have plagued nearly the whole realm, they’ve weakened its structure, and the Darksiders and metal dudes will literally dig through from the Dark side into the light, in the dungeon of the castle, which creates an amazing set of visuals.

4)  I came up with some some character names.  Gordon for the extra-nerdy guy in the metal group that helps organize everything at the end.  Turner for a gamer-friend of Frankie’s who consults with him about EoV.   I think I also want to use Coldiron as part of Frankie’s in-game name, rather than the karaoke girl, who somehow became named Wendy in my head today.  Must have been the Murdoch trials, I guess.

Ok, so other things

5) I’d like everyone to re-post me.  This is my thirteeeeenth post, I think, and while I need to go back and de-typo and proofread, and add comment addendums, I’m comfortable that this project is interesting and compelling, and something that’s heating up, for me at least.  With my outline today, suddenly my fingers were hot to get to the pages.  If I’m smart though, I’ll find a big board and beat that outline out even further with a friend or two and hammer the edges down.

So, repost on your FBook, your own damn blog, your Mom’s fridgerator, whatever.  I’m going to put in some effort to get onto some legit blogs/aggregators in the coming weeks, so I’d like to ramp up toward that.

6)  If anybody has any suggestions of the best way I might put Final Draft pages up on WordPress, please hit me up.  So far I’m thinking I may have to take screen grabs of pages as .jpg, and then post a bunch of those in succession as photos into the blog, which could be awkward/nonfunctioning.

7)  Also, since this post seems particularly un-metal, I want to mention I’ve been listening to badass, current metalers who are very 80s retro, but totally awesome.  I saw them open for Blind Guardian months back, and they totally ripped Hollywood up.  They’re called HOLY GRAIL, and they’re hilarious, young LA Native dudes.  Also, they’re latino, seems like about all of them, which for some reason really works for me in the way that they play.  There’s something Bad Brains about it, I almost want to say.   Anyway…Shred:


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